Brand Identity

Rōnin is a community-powered platform giving bold ideas a chance to shape the future. Blockchain‐solid and crystal‐transparent, Rōnin’s fundraising ecosystem makes resources and opportunities available for the many, through the many.

Putting Dreams to Work

In Japan, Rōnin literally translates as “wanderer” and refers to samurai warriors without masters, appealing to the “lone wolf” trait in every entrepreneur. Yet we also crafted every point of Rōnin’s identity, from its bushido (moral code) to everything it communicates, to still point to the strength of the whole pack when it grows into a rich ecosystem that everyone can thrive in.

I rōnin, you rōnin, we rōnin – shared risk, shared fun, shared profit: that’s the Rōnin way! More versatile than any logo, Rōnin’s macron can make anything rōnin. Almost a digital tattoo, Rōnin’s ō signals a belonging to a clan and allows for soft invasion everywhere, from everyday language to social media profiles, and full-fledged campaigns.

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