Nawaf Salameh & Brâncoveanu Gala


Syrian-born Nawaf Salameh moved to Romania in 1983 to study medicine. He launched Alexandrion Group in 1994 and grew what used to be a small drinks factory into the leading spirits company it is today, along with its associate social responsibility endeavor, the Alexandrion Foundation.

A Doctor Distilling History

Starting with his personal branding and communications, we have been guiding Nawaf Salameh’s public relations and online presence, building especially on his characteristic personality (and business) traits as a constant explorer, changemaker, and historian/history-maker. As an entrepreneur who also invested in a vast business portfolio encompassing renewable energy, construction materials, automobile, agriculture, real estate, retail, and hospitality, now active across more than 40 countries, our challenge was to reveal the man behind the businessman. 

In addition to Alexandrion Group’s mission of distilling tradition and history into a rich beverage portfolio, Nawaf Salameh has launched many initiatives to diversify and responsibilize the spirits industry. We have therefore been articulating various ways in which Nawaf Salameh is polishing his public figure, choosing above all to highlight his rock-solid and history-rich values. His one-of-a-kind background combines the ethics of a doctor, the loyalty of a family man, the vision of a world-traveler, the daring of an entrepreneur, the passion of a historian, and the drive of a businessman. 

In 2021, we planned, art directed, and managed the Alexandrion Foundation’s signature event, the Constantin Brâncoveanu Gala. We wanted to energize the annual event with a more contemporary and sustainable dimension, using everything from a carefully crafted space bridging nature and high-tech to thoughtful living gifts, a special musical guest curation, a well-timed awards program, and strategic partnerships which, despite severe COVID-19 restrictions, altogether resulted in the most public edition of all times, featured on prime-time national TV.

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