Rooted in art and journalism, baobab is a creative content studio that specializes in helping brands, organizations, and individuals to connect more meaningfully and impactfully with the world.

Digging deep to their truth and core purpose, we craft each story with curiosity and heart, finding out‑of‑the‑ordinary channels, solutions, and immersive experiences to reinvent how they engage and communicate. The baobab method marries the creativity of the arts with the rigor of journalism to sculpt projects and strategies that stand the test of time. 

Our work encompasses everything and anything needed to help our clients unearth their essence and carve their place in the world. Starting from investigative research and articulating visions, names, and strategies all the way to translating those into design, language, pitch decks, websites, and experiences. baobab is not bound by any medium: we go wherever the purpose takes us, including forms we haven’t yet invented, without ever compromising excellence.

Why baobab?


Exceptional adaptability, which includes storing water in their trunks in prevision of draughts, allows baobab trees to sprout in highly unexpected places. Thoughtful planning makes them thrive in even the most challenging environments, as we strive for our work to do.


Predating mankind by over 200 million years, baobabs are also amongst the largest and longest living tree species on Earth, growing up to several thousand years. Their endurance inspires us and seeps through our projects, for long-lasting impact and timeless design.


Baobab trees are so immense and complex that they create their own ecosystems, nurturing many other species within themselves. This level of organic harmony within a single entity is exactly how we perceive and approach every brand: as an ecosystem with many co-dependent parts, engineered to enhance each other and evolve over time.


Aside from their towering heights, baobabs are remarkable because of the continuously regenerating bark between their root-looking branches, earning them the nickname of upside-down trees. Similarly, we work against the grain, questioning everything and turning ideas inside-out to earn the grit that makes our clients outstanding.


Highly regarded because they can be utilized for hundreds of functions, from shelter and ceremonies to food, drinks, fiber and medicine, baobabs are also metaphorically employed to mark places and hold stories. To us, they incarnate multidisciplinarity, as well as the touch of awe and magic we like to spark in every project.

What we love
to craft:


→ Research & Insights
→ Brand Strategy & Positioning
→ Communications Strategy
→ Art Direction
→ Surveys & Analytics
→ Brand & Market Analysis


→ Naming & Verbal Identity
→ Visual Identity & Typography
→ Web Copy & Design
→ Motion Graphics
→ Illustration & Visual Storytelling
→ Product & Packaging


→ Photography
→ Copy & Editing
→ Pitch Decks
→ Annual Reports
→ Film & Video
→ Publishing & Print


→ Exhibition Design
→ UX & UI Design
→ Experience Design
→ Online Platforms
→ Public Installations
→ Product & Project Launches


→ Big Data Gathering & Processing
→ Dashboard Design & Integration
→ Forecasting
→ Social Media Intel
→ Polling & Demographic Intel
→ Campaign Micro-Targeting


→ Sonic Branding for Brands
→ Music Composition
→ Sound Design
→ Playlists for Retail & Events
→ Bookings & Artist Liaison
→ Music Rights Management


→ Social Media, Newsletters & Press Releases
→ Media Pitching & Training
→ Key Message & Storytelling
→ Digital & Analog Marketing
→ News Jacking & KOL Campaigns
→ Special Projects & Stunts