Adapted from the Don’t Take Them for Granted homage to medical staff, #PreaMultăSuferință transformed a call for recognition into a public outcry. Broadcasted on all major TV channels, this was the first ever Romanian campaign shared in Romanian, Hungarian, and Romani simultaneously.

Global Outcry, Local Voices

A pure expression of civil society, this “campaign” had no brands and no authors. In the midst of an already agitated and polarized public opinion, especially regarding vaccination, Prea Multă Suferință had no call to action either. It was only an outcry that enough is enough, focusing on the one thing everyone can agree on: life. Our strategy was not to argue or convince, but show the reality of Romania’s emergency units. 

From huge anonymous billboards to trilingual TV spots and social media posts, this operation aimed to transport everyone, believer or not, vaccinated or not, to the emergency ward, where no one wants to go. The spot was adopted by Romania’s official vaccination agency, Vaccinare.ro, and was distributed nationally across all major TV channels over a four-month period.

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