Marinela Ardelean


Marinela Ardelean is a wine & spirits critic, author, juror, and advisor with more than a decade of experience. An acclaimed authority on wines from Romania, Moldova, and Italy; her area of high expertise is most specifically in sparkling wines, as well as whisky and vinar.

Pairing Excellence
with Winefulness

In 2019, we worked with Marinela Ardelean to gather her rich professional experience in the world of wine and spirits into a single platform. Our mission was to help her craft her “business-ready” brand, geared towards consulting, speaking, and advising, without losing the passion, intuition, and rebellious spirit with which she became such a trailblazer in the field. Her path to winefulness is one both local and international, rich of both tradition and innovation, simultaneously intuitive and scientific.

In this universe, the more we master, the more there is to uncover. Marinela Ardelean’s identity and online presence always has to strike the right balance between the confidence of a lifestyle expert and the fun and humility of a perpetual learner. Aside from creating her visual identity, part of our work in this brand make-over involved concepting her online wine database, synthesizing and articulating key components of her communications, as well as, even today, hosting regular casual photo shoots to complement her professional image with more spontaneous and documentary-style photography.

Brand Identity
Web Copy & Design (partial)
Communications (partial)
Art Direction (partial)
Photography (partial)