CYO Systems & Syntient

Brand Identity

Cybersecurity company CYO Systems has a novel, dynamic, and mathematically‐proven approach to data safety. Its artificially intelligent Syntient non‐intrusively shields its customers’ data by learning and acting with the granular precision of all the data their routine work feeds it, non-stop.

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Fit for the Unknown

While cyberattacks (that we hear about!) cost businesses of all sizes an average $200,000, we focused CYO Systems’ positioning on its ability to protect data even against the unknown. As a B2B service, Syntient’s zero-bullsh*t attitude and tone of voice reveals a company intently focused on efficiency and 100% security. Data first, manners second. And as a motto, “trusting nothing” not only perfectly encompasses their philosophy but also explains the core of their technical approach.

The long version of their approach is an intricately engineered mathematical model combining machine learning, process vetting, dynamic deception, and data reconciliation to ensure 100% data safety all while keeping business workflows undisrupted. In short, it means that Syntient makes your data, by default, inaccessible. Part of our work was to put intelligible words to their cutting-edge technology and, where appropriate, translate it visually. As a burgeoning start-up expected to develop more products and services over the years, it was also essential to develop a cohesive but open-ended verbal and visual ecosystem, easily recognizable from its signature cut letter Y.

Finding its roots in the Greek word kyklos meaning “wheel, circle, movement” and kubernetikos meaning “good at steering” (from which the term cybernetics was coined) CYO thus distills the entire [eco]system of cybersolutions the company is growing. Its signature service, Syntient, comes from the synergy between the Greek/Latin root syn, meaning “together”, and the adjective sentient, describing a finely acute sensitivity in perception. Man-made but still understandable, these two terms underline that CYO Systems and Syntient are innovative, advanced, and perhaps even somewhat of a sixth sense for their clients’ digital lives.

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