One of the ten largest energy companies in Europe, CEZ Group has about 32,000 employees serving more than 7 million customers. In 2015, CEZ Romania opened its (back) door to our camera’s lens, from office drawers to power line installations, to tell the invisible story behind your energy.

The Odyssey behind
Your Energy

A purely photographic journey, this documentary book set off to reveal the real faces behind CEZ, in stark contrast to the company’s typically staged and heavily branded communications. We wanted to use CEZ’s real team, real staff, and real daily work to paint an authentic portrait of the business. Our vision was to reveal who CEZ is behind the brand, shedding light onto the complex human and technical infrastructure that few ever get to see, yet all rely on.

Without using a single word, this book shows that energy is not magic. Energy is real human sweat. Energy is built from sustained performance in the field, dependent on weather-proof bodies, reliant on constant innovation and sustained ingenuity. The resulting publication, which is a handy gift for both partners and employees, ditches classical advertising and offers instead to marvel at the raw beauty behind CEZ landscapes and faces. And it furthermore softly asks if our energy consumption might also change if we were more aware of the heavy labor and complex human infrastructure behind it.

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